Content Creator

I created this YouTube Channel to assist me in private ESOL classes as well as with my current formal position: Verbal Instructor for international exams. I created videos that explained grammar points, including many examples and pictures to enhance student comprehension. I made this channel because I noticed that lectures and explanations are all nearly identical, so I felt that it was a waste of time to repeat the same explanations to different students when I could just create higher quality explanations with plenty of time to create examples and find images, which is cumbersome when doing so on the fly.




This experience was important to my professional conditioning because it was a way to preserve my best work at explaining topics, allowing me to devote more resources to student practice and doing other activities, such as reading and writing.


Skills Gained:


  • Greatly improved my ability to screencast. My recorded speech has improved greatly as I become more comfortable speaking into a microphone.

  • Greatly improved my ability to create PowerPoint presentations complete with animations.

  • Greatly improved my ability to edit video and sound on my PC running Linux Mint operating system, which is more cumbersome than Windows and Mac machines.

  • Became familiar with maintaining a YouTube Channel along with categorized playlists, such as conditions and the basics.




Besides that skills that I have learned through this experience I can confidently offer English classes to anyone, anywhere in Lima, Peru because I now, instead of relying on books, rely on my Smartphone with plenty of data to deliver classes. Under each video I’ve also included additional links to more material for each topic covered, so I have the capacity to teach English wherever there is demand for my services.

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