English Teacher

I began working at ICPNA in an agreement in which I orchestrated English conversation classes for native Spanish speakers in exchange for Spanish language classes; consequently, besides successfully completing the advanced Spanish program at ICPNA, I gained experience preparing and delivering English conversation classes. I was soon hired as an English teacher after acquiring my Peruvian work visa and was promptly trained to teach English using institutional pedagogy, which is based on modern second language teaching methodologies.




This position was crucial to my professional development because I learned:


  • The important and unique aspects of second language teaching, such as the combination of speaking/pronunciation lessons, grammar lessons/practice, listening practice, and writing practice.

  • To manage a classroom full of students, from young learners to elderly adults.

  • To employ formative and summative to facilitate effective student learning

  • The common mistakes made my Spanish speakers when learning English and how to effectively remedy the mistakes.

  • To work as a team member in a foreign culture.

  • about modern trends in second language acquisition.

  • To implement modern technological tools to assist lesson delivery

  • To maintain a professional network to plan more effective educational activities.


Skills gained:


  • Learning & Instruction (L&I) Concentration Competency: Teach & Lead in Schools

  • Became fluent in Spanish

  • Learned to explain all English grammar tenses/components to non-English speakers

  • Got over fear of speaking in front of groups by leading classes of 20-25 students

  • International guest speakers taught me many English teaching “tricks” to enhance lessons.

  • Monthly training sessions kept me up to date with foreign language teaching methodologies and technological tools, suck as Prezi presentations.

  • Authored detailed analysis regarding a problem in the institution’s assessment practices and developed solution.





Starting as a learner of Spanish and terminating as a teacher of English makes my experience at ICPNA very valuable to not only my professional conditioning, but also my personal conditioning. I gained the ability to maintain personal, professional, and academic conversations in Spanish and to teach others to maintain those conversations in English. This experience also enabled me to teach hundreds of Peruvian students, as well as Peruvian teachers.

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