Master of Education


After teaching for 8 years, life had directed me to continue my professional development by pursuing a Master of Education degree. Deep learning of many components involved in education has further developed my abilities learned through experience to educate.


Besides conditioning and reinforcing my teaching ability, this experience also taught me to succeed academically and to think critically. Instead of being content with and working through problems encountered in the education workplace, I am now able to pinpoint and find solutions for problems in education.

Skills Gained:


M.Ed. Program Competencies

  • Communication – both written and verbal

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Cultural Responsiveness

  • Systems Thinking


Learning and Instruction Specific Competencies


  • Teach & Lead in Schools

  • Lead Classroom Change

  • Identify Challenges & Institute Change



The profundity of this extensive program conditioned me tremendously to think about and reflect on complex issues underlying education. Besides helping me professionally, this experience guided me to pursue my passions: learning, neuroscience, and technology. Mastery of these three components, in my opinion, provides a valuable set of tools I can harness to be a proverbial “game changer” in the field of education, improving education while continuing to learn and to grow as an educator.

m.ed. Master of Education